Inspired by @jon and @sophia.
  1. SmartWool socks pulled up over sweatpants bottoms.
    Literally the coziest.
  2. Making A Murderer on Netflix.
    This show is fascinating/deeply unsettling and I watched it all in two days.
  3. Headspace app.
    Guided meditations for different scenarios and of different lengths. Meditating on a consistent basis is something I really want to commit to for 2016 and I think this app will help a ton.
  4. Working in coffee shops.
    I feel v. cool and professional working on Important Things I Can't Work on in My Own Home.
  5. Face mask sheets my brother brought me from Seoul.
    They make you look like a serial killer but your skin feel all 👌🏻.
  6. Movie screeners.
    Thanks to you, Dad (and the Writer's Guild), I got to make sticky buns and watch Leo eat a raw buffalo liver AT THE SAME TIME!
  7. Lip stains.
    After a long-standing love/hate/mostly hate relationship with lipstick, I'm slowly working this one out. So far I'm alarmingly into it.
  8. Matcha lattes.
    I hate that I like these (how trendy do I think I am, really), but the fact is they're tasty as hell. And if you can throw some fancy latte art on there? Forget about it.
  9. Michael Buble's Christmas album.
  10. Anthony Doerr.
    I tore through ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE earlier this year and I just finished FOUR SEASONS IN ROME. His writing is visceral and gorgeous and I love it all. THE SHELL COLLECTOR is next on the list.
  11. Naps.
    Classic for a reason.