1. Matt Foley/ van down by the river
  2. That Mitchell and Webb look , the one about them actually being the bad guys
  3. That Mitchell and Webb look, the one about the guy who is pretending he wants stuff from a store but really just came in for a tall boy of malt liquor
  4. Whoever's daily affirmations, he's a senator now
  5. The sketch my friend lia wrote about a silly bandz conspiracy
  6. Mr show, the one about exchanging a dollar
  7. The salesperson sketch in the bob and Dave thing on Netflix
  8. The fast show(?), the one where the guy is v drunk and tells an incoherent story
  9. Tracy Morgan , Brian fellows
  10. The office LOTR parody
  11. That Ucb persons web series she's a girl and she's v funny (not broad city people) just looked her up its Jackie Jennings, and the series is called Neighbors I think
  12. The time travel thing I saw on the internet somewhere