A Guide To Being Fergalicious: According To Fergie

Listen Up Ya'll
  1. Make Them Boys Go Loco
    Let them see you, but DON'T let them squeeze you
  2. Blow Kisses That Puts Them Boys On Rock
    But avoid being promiscuous
  3. Make Them Boys Go Crazy
    ^ Reference "Make Them Boys Go Loco"
  4. Be Up In The Gym Just Working On Your Fitness
    For this step, a witness is key
  5. Be Laced With Lacey
    This will ensure that the boys go crazy
  6. Don't Round Up Drama
    Make sure little mama knows you don't want her man
  7. Don't Be Treated Like Clientele
    Repeat after me, "the boys wanna eat it"
  8. And Finally...
  9. Don't Forget To Be Delicious and Tastey
    This is most effective when you continuously spell out "delicious" and "tastey"