Caption This! 2: My College Experiences Reimagined

  1. When Your Booty Call Starts Acting Like You In A Relationship
  2. When All Your Friends Are Having Kids And Your Like
  3. When Your A Pothead But You Have To Act Innocent When Your Parent's Warn You About All The Consequences of Smoking Weed
  4. When Your Friends Don't Want To Take A Shot With You So You Drink The Whole Bottle Yourself
  5. When That Girl You Hate Jumps In The Picture But You and Your Friend Don't Notice Until Mid-Pic
  6. When Your Crush Says She Likes When A Guy's In Touch With His Feminine Side
  7. When You and Your Siblings Get High But Then Mom Tells You It's Time For The Christmas Card Pic
  8. When You Wake Up And Check Your Snapchats But Your Camera's On Front Face
  9. When You Think Your Friend's Bringing You To A Party But It's Actually Your Intervention
  10. When Your Parents Catch You Drinking But Your Tryna Play Dumb