Common Experiences Explained By GIFS

  1. That Moment When You Realize Your Phone Wasn't Charging All Night
  2. When You're Tagged In A Photo On Facebook And Have No Clue What It Could Be
  3. Carefully Choosing The Right Time To Secretly Smell Your Armpits For BO
  4. When You Wake Up To 132 Texts From Your Group Chat
  5. When Someone Is Taking Too Long To Take A Picture
  6. When You're Creeping On Someone's Facebook And Accidentally Like A Pic
  7. When You Accidentally Spit On Someone When You're Talking
  8. When You're Talking To A Group Of People And Realize No One's Listening
  9. When You Accidentally Walk In On Someone In The Bathroom
  10. When You Start To Wave And It's Too Late To Realize You Don't Know That Person
  11. That Moment When You're Belting Out The Lyrics To A Song And You Mess Up The Words