If Always Sunny In Philadelphia Characters Were On The Show "Next"

  1. My name's Dennis Reynolds
  2. I'm very musically inclined
  3. I've been told I can be a tad bit blunt and....
  4. Crack is my only kryptonite
  5. My name's Charlie
  6. Ever heard of a little musical called Nightman Cometh?
  7. I'm business mogul and..
  8. Sometimes I snort too much glue
  9. My name's Mac
  10. I'm a devoted Christian
  11. I'm definitely NOT gay and...
  12. I used to be fat
  13. My name's Sweet Dee
  14. I'm an aspiring actress/comedian
  15. I've used to have a baby and...
  16. My nickname in high school was the Aluminum Monster
  17. My name's Frank
  18. My toe knife is my most prized possession
  19. I'm married to a guy and...
  20. I have a huge penis