If Artists Wrote Brutally Honest Songs About Themselves

  1. "No Matter What I Do, I'll Always Be Remembered For Super Bowl 2004"
    By: Justin Timberlake
  2. "Please Don't Associate Me With American Idol"
    By: Kelly Clarkson
  3. "Shutup, I Know My Husband Is Ugly"
    By: Beyoncé
  4. "My Lyrics Are Shit, But Check Out The Beat"
    By: Justin Bieber
  5. "One Good Song And I'll Probably Win Album Of The Year"
    By: Adele
  6. "Fuck You SNL"
    By: Ashlee Simpson
  7. "Come On, It's Not 2007 Anymore"
    By: Britney Spears
  8. "Women Only Want Me For My Voice"
    By: Ed Sheeran
  9. "I've Dated Like 200 Guys"
    By: Taylor Swift
  10. "Every Teenage Boy's Fantasy Since The '80s"
    By: Madonna
  11. "This Song Probably Sucks But You'll Have It Stuck In Your Head For The Next 3 Days"
    By: Katy Perry
  12. "Wrecking Ball"
    By: Miley Cyrus....oh wait