If Kelly Kapoor And Ryan Howard Gave Dating Advice (The Office)

  1. Welcome to Dating 101 With Ryan And Kelly
  2. Before Someone Else Can Love You, You Must First Love Yourself
  3. Remember, Nobody's Perfect
  4. Let Your Guard Down
  5. Don't Force Things
  6. There's Nothing Wrong With Giving Him A Little Push
  7. Don't Act Crazy
  8. But Remember A Little Crazy Never Hurt Anyone
  9. Take Risks
  10. Don't Hide How You Feel
  11. Don't Stoop To His Level When He's Acting Like A Douche
  12. If She's Being A Cold Bitch, Ignore Her
  13. Make Up Sex Is Key
  14. Keep The Sparks Alive With Role-play
  15. Because Everyone Has A Soulmate
  16. If Not..
  17. Good Luck!