1. True Life: Subway Workers Love Me
    You'll never find someone with simpler sandwich preferences
  2. True Life: I'm Addicted To Office Supply Shopping
    I can't explain the thrill I get every time I'm buying new ballpoint pens
  3. True Life: Netflix Is The Other Man In My Relationship
    Netflix and I share an unbreakable bond that not even my boyfriend could come between
  4. True Life: My Hangovers Last An Entire Day
    No Exaggeration Here
  5. True Life: I Know More About Celebrities' Lives Than The People I Interact With In Real Life
    I gave up on rehabilitation when celebrities started using Snapchat
  6. True Life: My Biggest Goal In Life Is To Be On The Real World
    I guess having a successful career is up there too...
  7. True Life: If My Hair Didn't Get Greasy So Quickly I'd Probably Shower A Lot Less
    Does no one else feel like showering is a slight hassle sometimes? Just me? Ok
  8. True Life: I Take The Most Pride In My "Never Have I Ever" Responses
    Unless your looking for a quick round, I recommend using 2 hands when playing with me
  9. The Local Liquor Store Knows Me By Name
    The first step is admitting I have a problem