Life Experiences Explained With Linda Belcher GIFs

  1. When you're on a diet but just one a taste
  2. When you're so drunk at a Halloween party that you become who you're dressed as
  3. When you're super competitive and you'll do anything to win 'Family Feud" the board game
  4. When you unexpectedly hit the deep end in the pool
  5. Questions I ask myself the morning after I blacked-out and went home early
  6. When you try to get your boyfriend into Grey's Anatomy
  7. Every girl on vacation in a foreign country
  8. Thinking about the types of alcohol that give me hangovers...
  9. When you forget to put deodorant on but you think you'll be alright...but then there comes a point in the day...
  10. When you finish binge watching a show on Netflix and now you have to wait a year before the next season
  11. When "Yeah" by Usher ft. Lil Jon and Ludacris comes on the radio
  12. When your friend says you can do her makeup
  13. The only good part of a wedding for a single woman
  14. Jazz hands
  15. When you get caught trying to learn how to twerk
  16. When someone says they didn't like 'La La Land'