Movie Plot News Headlines

  1. Mean Girls
    The Question on Everyone's Mind Tonight: If she's from Africa, why is she white?
  2. The Break-Up
    Breaking News: First Romantic Comedy to Have Unpredictable Ending
  3. House of Wax
    Paris Hilton Wins 'Worst Supporting Actress'
  4. Superbad
    Breaking News: Seth Rogen Travels Back In Time Under The Alias 'Jonah Hill'
  5. Fever Pitch
    Movies To Go See Only If You're From Massachusetts
  6. Scream
    Despite Popular Belief: Scream 2 Is Actually Terrible
  7. Friends With Benefits & No Strings Attached
    Can You Spot The Two Differences?
  8. 21 Jump Street
    Yes, That's Johnny Depp
  9. Valentine's Day
    Movie Sets Record For The Most Famous People In One Film