The 'Office' and 'Parks and Rec' Character Counterparts

  1. The quirky boss that's too invested
  2. Michael Scott
  3. Leslie Knope
  4. The one who dated one too many people from work
  5. Pam Halpert (Beesly)
  6. Ann Perkins
  7. The tough, outdoorsy ladies man
  8. Dwight Schrute
  9. Ron Swanson
  10. The quirky boss' quirky soulmate
  11. Holly Flax
  12. Ben Wyatt
  13. The one who almost got away (but not really)
  14. Jim Halpert
  15. Chris Traeger
  16. The guy with style, that has been mistaken as gay once or twice
  17. Andy Bernard
  18. Tom Haverford
  19. The lovable, painfully oblivious guy with a sweet tooth
  20. Kevin Malone
  21. Andy Dwyer
  22. The anti-social, queen of the dirty looks, office bully
  23. Angela Martin
  24. April Ludgate
  25. The sassy one who isn't shy about her sexuality
  26. Phyllis Vance (Lapin)
  27. Donna Meagle
  28. The hated underdog who you catch yourself feeling bad for when you're not busy joining in
  29. Toby Flenderson
  30. Jerry/Gary/Larry/Terry Gergich
  31. The poor guy that even gets picked on by the underdog
  32. Gabe Lewis
  33. Kyle
  34. The character we could've gone without
  35. Karen Filippelli
  36. Mark Brendanawicz
  37. The prankster that gets on everyone's nerves
  38. Todd Packer
  39. Jeremy Jamm