I picture most of these as the opening scenes
  1. Vine
    Although Vine is now dead, Michael would have tried Vine, making videos that seem cutoff at the end because he didn't understand the time limit
  2. Celebrity Nude Leaks
    I think this is something that Angela would catch Kevin giggling at. Michael, Creed, and Andy would all be interested while Pam explains the leak. Michael would then suggest looking to see if Pam's nudes got leaked
  3. Tinder
    Kelly makes several fake tinder accounts so that Ryan would only match with her
  4. Making a Murderer
    Dwight believes he can figure out what really happened
  5. Trump
    This could be yet another infamous Halloween episode. Michael comes dressed as Trump shouting "you're fired" at everyone while Andy decides to embrace his feminist side and dresses up as Hillary Clinton. (Jokes include: Andy making some sort of comment about Dwight being the Monica Lewinsky of his life)
  6. Airbnb
    Dwight decides to add Schrute Farms
  7. Uber
    Michael tries get a part time job as an uber driver but they don't hire him due to his past driving incidents
  8. LinkedIn
    Michael asks Erin to help him set up his LinkedIn account, which is a disaster in itself. (Easter eggs include: Michael Scott Paper Company)
  9. To be continued...