TV Show Titles That Sum Up Various Phases In My Life

  1. Breaking Bad
    When I transitioned from elementary school to middle school I became weirdly rebellious and talked back to teachers
  2. American Horror Story
    The day I found out that periods existed was the beginning of the end of my life
  3. Awkward
    Similar to most, I was an unbearably awkward 14 year old
  4. Sherlock
    When I was 15 and did some serious, unrecommended digging to find out my boyfriend was cheating on me
  5. Arrested Development
    The day I looked at my boobs and came to the realization that this is as good as they're gonna get
  6. Person of Interest
    When I was about 17-18 I finally sort of grew out of my awkward phase and boys started looking at me different
  7. Making A Murderer
    My job at Target brought out the absolute worst in me
  8. Shameless
    I got way too black out drunk way too often during my sophomore of college
  9. Drunk History
    The entirety of my college career involved being reminded of the stupid shit I did the night before
  10. The Walking Dead
    My experience with a Friday 8am college course
  11. The Amazing Race
    When I woke up too late for a final
  12. Lost
  13. The Office
    I work in an office, duh