When You...

  1. ‪When you catch someone staring at you and keep awkwardly looking to see if they're still staring ‬
    - Thoughts of the person I'm staring at
  2. When you genuinely love something but don't want to be labeled as typical
    - Thoughts of every white girl who wears Uggs but hates Starbucks
  3. When you say something so many times it starts to sound fake
    - Thoughts of every American hoping if they say 'Trump is president' enough, eventually it won't be true
  4. When you draw a clear line but most people see it as a suggestion
    - Thoughts of a bus driver stating once again 'behind the line please'
  5. When you reminisce about that tropical vacation from 2008
    - Thoughts of a wired, too-far-gone Facebook stalker at 3am
  6. When you realize who's really there for you when you need them most
    - Thoughts of a recent graduate halfway through binge watching Friends