It is what it is...
  1. Numero Un - Leeds Fest 2014. 2014 wasn't the best year but I bumped into 2 old friends - exchanged pleasantries, got caught up on the past 2 years. Zara on the left stole my friends jacket and Hannah granted me access to her most intimate of areas. I would find out later I made it into her Top 5. So good for me.
  2. Dos - Elounda, Crete. My friend Chris and I found ourselves newly single at the same time, he'd booked a holiday for him and his missus before she broke it off, I decided to go instead. Chaos ensued. Not the best idea to have two guys with broken hearts drinking away their feelings in a family resort.
  3. Tres - South Beach, Miami 2011. I travelled alone, making friends along the way. It was the greatest thing i've ever done. Saw some beautiful sites travelling along by Amtrak.
  4. Cuatro - My exes dog. This was taken after he'd been hit by a car, and had a leg amputated. I don't get to see him much anymore. That hurts.
  5. Cinco - My main dudes, main dude. The first in a new lineage. My friends did a great job. No doubt he will be a heartbreaker. Apparently, we are getting married. That's how much he loves Uncle Scott.