Best of Jason Mantzoukas, In Pics

Tonight I had some wine, ate some chicken fingers, and looked at like, 50ish pics of Mantzoukas. Here are my top 6 (now up to 8!... plus bonus gif)-
  1. Quintessential Manzooks
    Feels like his truest self
  2. Showing off that beach bod
    Respect. Wish this pic were higher res but you can't have everything
  3. An embarrassment of hair
  4. Lol
    Powerful stuff
  5. Multitasking like a boss
    Lot going on here!
  6. Double trouble
    Suggested by   @kswholmes
  7. Not convinced this is really him
    But including it just in case it IS
  8. Jeffrey Characterwheaties
    "One BIG OLE butthole."
    Suggested by   @kswholmes
  9. Suggested by   @kswholmes