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    Thanks to Coogler and co-writer Aaron Covington's script, though, Thompson has much more to do in Creed than merely be the supportive cipher. They've written a recognizable woman with her own life and her own aspirations whose Donnie's equal, not his emotional subordinate.
  2. Talking To The Game: Instagram Thirst-Trap Champion
    "I didn’t really pay attention to what men were saying. I’m posting for women. If men want to stop and look at my meat print —" 😂😂
  3. The Dark Side of Creativity
    That is not to say that creative people are necessarily unethical. Rather, their lower tolerance for boredom and conventionality, and their more vivid imaginations, equip them with more sophisticated mental tools to both self-deceive and deceive others.
  4. What Kind of Thinker Are You?
    When you know your thinking style, you know what naturally energizes you, why certain types of problems are challenging or boring, and what you can do to improve in areas that are important to reaching your goals.
  5. Why my immigrant family celebrated Thanksgiving—and why we stopped
    "Perhaps Thanksgiving was just part of our way of assimilating. We slipped into a loophole where we experienced the intensity of "white people Thanksgiving" without actually making the effort. It's not a Korean holiday, after all. The traditions are foreign."
  6. How To Get Your Green Card In America
    "...when you perform the act of audacity that is consolidating an entire life into a couple of suitcases and striking out to make your way, what is not American about that? When you flee violence and poverty to come to a land of plenty, when you are willing to learn new languages, to haul ass, to do twice as much work, what is not American about that?"
  7. The Thing All Women Do That You Don't Know About
    We go through a quick mental checklist. Does he seem volatile, angry? Are there other people around? Does he seem reasonable and is just trying to be funny, albeit clueless? In a matter of seconds we determine whether we will say something or let it slide. Whether we’ll call him out or turn the other way, smile politely or pretend that we didn’t hear/see/feel it.
  8. SELFIE: The revolutionary potential of your own face, in seven chapters
    "When you tell someone that they have sent too many images of themselves into their feeds, when you shame them with cries of narcissism and self-indulgence, when you tell them that they are taking up too much virtual space... you need to question your motives. Are you afraid of a person’s ambition to be seen? Where does that come from?"
  9. Is Facebook a proto-state?
    "...have platforms become publishers in part because they are simply better than news organizations at certain tasks: Disseminating journalism, presenting information clearly and attractively online, and having global reach? ...what happens to journalism—particularly the work of independent journalists— when Facebook eclipses the open Web?"
  10. Most Hispanics vote Democrat, so why are so many Hispanic politicians Republican?
    "Hispanics have a choice between voting for a party that openly hates them and one that takes them for granted, because who else are they going to vote for? If the Republicans keep recruiting conservative Cubans, sooner or later they will grab a larger share of the rest of the Hispanic vote, too."