1. Lawn And Order
    Dad came up with this for Jaxon's lawn mowing business. I don't think he officially used it but it's so dang good!
  2. Tree Amigos
    Eric's suggestion for Dean & Dan's tree trimming business. So fantastic since there were only two of them & they didn't speak Spanish
  3. Sari Not Sari
    Eric's imaginary sari-only clothing store
  4. Taco The Town
    I would legit name my Mexican restaurant this name
  5. Ediner
    This would be a diner in Edina, Eric's latest idea
  6. Muffin But Time
    Summer's idea for a pastry delivery service
  7. Foyer Consideration
    Eric's interior decorating business, but just foyers of course
  8. Cloche Call
    Room service is just a call away
  9. Kale In A Hand Basket
    Eric's farmers market stall