1. This may sound unnecessary.
  2. Maybe even foolish.
  3. But to the people on apps like Instagram that clearly do something once and then post photos of it every day for months:
  5. Because now I'm sitting looking at your feed and all I can think is "fuck, this person hikes snow capped mountains in Oregon every day! How do they do that?"
  6. Or "Shit, this person vacations so much! Do they even have a job? How do I get their job? Are they independently wealthy?"
  7. And I'm happy people enjoy their vacations and go outside and explore.
  8. And it's probably my own problem that I dislike it so much.
  9. But I've never liked the idea that you can create this false sense of your life on social media that makes people feel like they're left out of the loop.
  10. Most of us slave away 9-5 (or something like that) and it's hard not to think you made the wrong life choices when you go and see people who's entire life is some prolonged adventure.
  11. When in reality, they're sitting at their desk posting old shit.
  12. I shouldn't let it affect me, but it fuels this malfunction in my brain that wants to call them out really badly and tell them to stop making it look like their life is so much fun.
  13. I sound really butthurt, I get it, and I also understand that they're just trying to have their fun, but I'm a little tired of people seeming so curated.
  14. As someone who primarily posts hiking or kayaking photos, sometimes I wonder if I'm part of the problem.
  15. But I'm a weekend warrior, and you wouldn't think otherwise from my feed. I don't post thirty photos of a hike I did two years ago to seem like I'm sponsored by Clif Bar and live out of a van.
  16. I should probably get over it.
  17. I should probably, definitely, get over it.
  18. I should definitely, probably, maybe get over it.
  19. I don't know if I will though.