Best places to eat in Upstate NY

I knew this would take me a bit. Some photos I took, some I stole off the internet. If there's no picture of the food, it's because the only pictures I found weren't exactly professionally staged and didn't make it look as good as it actually is. None of these are places that will break the bank. Also, I really love diners, so I'm sorry.
  1. Phoenicia Diner, Phoenicia
  2. In the heart of the Catskills. You will feel like there is nothing around, then out of nowhere this place comes up. This is gourmet diner food in the middle of nowhere.
  3. You won't get views like this from other diners, and you drive through the mountains to get there.
  4. Their staff is awesome and they're super active on Instagram, which I love.
  5. Quinn's, Beacon
    This was an old luncheonette that they left pristinely untouched. The interior is a trip back a few decades, but in a good way.
  6. This place is a great bar at night, but the owner's wife is Japanese and serves the best ramen and pork buns you're likely to get up here.
  7. Roundup Texas BBQ, Cold Spring (kinda near Philipstown, though)
    Approved by actual Texans. Really great barbecue, the owner is always walking around asking how you like it, and you order out of a trailer attached to the building. Not much else like it up here.
  8. Redline Diner, Fishkill
    Everything you want a diner to be. Huge menu, everything made on site, 24/7 hours.
  9. Eveready Diner, Brewster, Hyde Park, and possibly Rhinebeck (I forget if one is there)
  10. I really like diners, okay? I have never ordered anything bad from here. The surroundings are great, the food is always good and made from scratch, and you can't go wrong with any of the locations.
  11. Mama Theresa's, New Windsor
    This is the Italian deli you think of when you think Italian deli. Sandwiches defy the laws of physics. You will want to explode, but it's worth it. There's a deli and a pizza place that are separate, and while the pizza is good, the sandwiches are truly special.
  12. Oakhurst Diner, Millerton
    Another diner that's above and beyond expectation. You can get sides of kimchi instead of fries with your banh mi. Better than the usual defrosted burger and fries that most diners grow at you.
  13. Matson's Deli, New Windsor.
    This place has great sandwiches, service is pretty fast, and they're consistent. A good spot for lunch during work hours.
  14. Whistling Willie's, Cold Spring
    I refused to eat at this place because of the name, but then I had one of their burgers. Probably one of the best I've had in my life, and they always have popcorn with different seasonings to snack on while you wait.
  15. Citrus, New Windsor
    Indian food is my greatest weakness, and their lunch buffet is my personal heaven.
  16. Big Mike's Pizza, Monroe
    I've been going here for so long I can't remember when I started. The owner, Freddy (his dad is Mike) makes my Italian come out really bad and I get loud and we hug a lot and he just keeps sending me food until I can't eat any more. They were doing creative toppings before anywhere else was, and the pizza they use as a building block is the best. They're opening a new place in Warwick soon.
  17. Le Bouchon, Cold Spring
    Because damn it, sometimes you want to order chilled rose' and eat it on the porch with a fruit and cheese plate. French is a big treat yo self to me, and this is my preferred location.
  18. Allan's Falafel, Chester
    So their signage could use a little work.
  19. I'm going to say this is just middle eastern food. The owner would insist it's Israeli. I'm not looking to argue. What I do know is it's delicious and I find myself craving it quite often.
  20. Rosenfeld Cafe, Rosendale
    As a meat eater, this place has vegetarian dishes that don't leave me wishing I had a side of steak.
  21. Main Street Bistro, New Paltz
    Everything is delicious and made with love, creative menu, and super cozy inside.
  22. It gets packed so expect a wait if you're there during peak hours.
  23. Breakfast is the best time to go.
  24. Beech Tree Grill, Poughkeepsie
    This place is a tiny bar serving modern American food. I stopped in on a lark one day when I was on a little road trip for work.
  25. Besides having the nicest wait staff/bartender, the food was so good for the price that I found myself driving 40 minutes to Poughkeepsie to get a salad I liked.
  26. Zulimar, Newburgh
    Now, this place is in Newburgh, and people will say Newburgh is dangerous. Don't listen, and come get some great Honduran food from this hole in the wall.
  27. I couldn't find a great picture so I put up their menu, which always seems like whoever made it was really excited. They always have posters advertising some sort of weird concerts.
  28. Jessi's Mexican American Diner, Newburgh
    Again, Newburgh has such great food, don't be afraid of the reputation. This place is cramped and a little dated, but the chorizo burrito makes my heart sing and they always remember me when I come back. You'll probably be the only English speaking person in there, which to me is a sign of a good Mexican place.
  29. Gunk Haus, Highland
  30. I had to split this picture up so you see how awesome it is. Beautiful old home, very rustic on the inside. It's also set next to an apple orchard, so it's beautiful during fall and you can pick some apples.
  31. It's German food, which is one of my favorites, but if you aren't big into sausages and schnitzel it might not be your thing. I could eat here every day.
  32. Pretzel bread, making all other bread obsolete since its creation.
  33. Red Onion, Saugerties
    This picture sucks, but believe me when I say I had one of the best meals of my life there during a trip to Woodstock. Beautiful old home with a great modern American menu. Anywhere with a porch also gets bonus points from me.