This is a little embarrassing. I would love for the rest of you to share some equally embarrassing stories of getting ghosted on so we all feel better. This specifically applies to you, @ali_sewalt
  1. Before I really knew that ghosting was a thing, I was talking to this lawyer on Tinder
  2. I thought we were going to get married because she was smart and her profile was all Warren Zevon lyrics
  3. We texted like crazy and then set a day to meet
  4. She said she couldn't make it because she had to work late and I believed it because she was just starting at a new law firm
  5. I said that was fine and we could reschedule
  6. Keep in mind we never met so she didn't even see that I'm really a morbidly obese 60 year old man, so I'm thinking it's not like she found out some dark secret and now has a reason to not meet me
  7. Then she stopped texting me
  8. I waited a few days and texted her
  9. No response
  10. Give her another day or so, text her again, and get no response
  11. I tend to assume the worst, and for the next week I am thinking this girl probably died in a car accident driving home tired from work and that's why she isn't talking to me
  12. I'm wondering if her tombstone will say "Excitable boy, they all said" in another Zevon reference
  13. Then I heard about ghosting, and things started to click
  14. But somewhere I still think maybe she crashed was she was texting me back and driving
  15. If you did die, goodnight sweet prince. We hardly knew ye.