Dogs That Don't Belong to ME That I've Regretted Not Kidnapping

These are all dogs of friends or total strangers that I've shamelessly used for likes.
  1. I forget who owns this dog but he had onesie pajamas on.
  2. We found this dog living in a dumpster at my last job.
  3. I think this dog's name is Ghost. He was sitting with me like this, and I think he was trying to tell me to keep him.
  4. Kenai and Ribbon. I can't keep Ribbon because she's a breeder for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and it would be mean to keep blind people from having dogs.
  5. Willy is the coolest poodle I've met, single-handedly changing my opinion of poodles.
  6. This is Jack. He was lost on the Appalachian Trail and followed my friend to NY from Virginia. Clearly loyal, or he just knew there was food in it for him.
  7. This isn't a dog, it's an alpaca. I wanted it anyway.