Dogs That Don't Belong To Me That I Wish I Kidnapped: Part II

This is the new and slightly improved version of this list from my early days on here: Dogs That Don't Belong to ME That I've Regretted Not Kidnapping
  1. Wet dog I met kayaking that tried to come aboard.
  2. Random puppy from a Guiding Eyes For The Blind litter when my friend worked there.
  3. Hank. Bulldogs are awesome, this one in particular.
  4. This was a police Bloodhound that really liked me. I did not have drugs on me.
  5. Thai Ridgeback! My friends neighbors had to of these. They feel like they have dinosaur skin.
  6. This little piece of crap who thought he was a human.
  7. My old coworker's three legged dog that was way cooler than her.
  8. My friend's dogs I dogsit that demand they sleep with you.
  9. Kenai, Timmy, and Scooby (and a Steve).
  10. Willie, my best dog friend.