1. Hitting snooze buttons.
    I'm better now but I've hit them for over an hour straight in the past.
  2. Going to the coffee shop three times a day.
    I don't think the caffeine bothers me but I probably spend more on coffee than some people do on food.
  3. Smoking.
    I started when I was 16 and it got worse when I started cooking in restaurants. The weirdest feeling, because you love them but know how awful they are for you.
  4. Staying up late.
    I've always stayed up late but I think my college years made this one worse. Like the snooze button, it's gotten way better but I still rationalize going to bed at 2 when I have to be up at 8 by telling myself I don't need eight hours, which is a lie.
  5. Buying books way before I'll have time to read them.
    I will never, ever regret buying a book but then you end up with a shelf full of books just staring at you waiting, and it adds up when you enjoy going to bookstores. Bonus fact: the Japanese have a word for this: Tsundoku.
  6. Not going to the doctor.
    I never went because my feeling is if I'm not bleeding or unconscious I don't need a doctor. Now I got a primary care doctor that I love and I feel so much better knowing things are in good shape, and having someone to talk to about health. I'm also realizing how good preventive medicine is, and I'm happy if I did get sick I would probably catch it early.