How To Trend In Real Life

These are all the things you need to appear very cool IRL. There are no alternatives to anything on this list. It applies to all genders.
  1. First off, get a boombox so people can hear you from further away. Then they will know you're cool without even seeing you. Play this loudly, especially if you're using public transit.
  2. You need to play really good music everyone likes. INXS is the obvious choice here.
  3. Now, you can start dressing yourself. Denim jackets (real aficionados call them dungaree coats) are always cool.
  4. You have to put a leather jacket over your denim one. This step cannot be skipped. Do you want to look cool or not?
  5. Time for pants. I'm 99% sure these are popular right now. They're called "joggers" and are good because they make you look like you can run at any time, but also that you're chill. Definitely not sweatpants, no matter if they look exactly like them just better fitted.
  6. Footwear. This is important. Did you think cowboy boots were a great way to let people know not to talk to you? Guess again, my friend. People will be fighting to get a glimpse of your cool, functional boots. Do their shoes fit in stirrups? I didn't think so.
  7. You know that stuff on top of your head? Your hair? Get an awesome haircut in a style that's timeless and everyone will appreciate.
  8. Finally, accessories. Go down to Claire's and get one of these. You can also get your ears pierced for free while you're there. This is a unisex look.
  9. Get all of together and put it on your body. Your body is a frame designed to hang cool stuff on. Enjoy your real life trending.