Combining some conspiracies I've heard with my religious coworker's psychobabble, I'm pretty sure this is what is happening.
  1. Everyone knows Brexit was a conspiracy to weaken Europe
  2. With a weakened Europe, Hillary Clinton can finally suggest a World Dictatorship with her leading it through a UN Referedenum
  3. When she's elected, it will be a one world totalitarian government.
  4. When the NWO starts, make sure you choose Doctor as a career. You're going to want to pick Banker because you'll have more money from supplies, but much like Oregon Trail this is a useless choice down the line.
  5. Continue to stock up on weapons. This is why the Government is trying to take them! There will be roving bands of lunatics that want to eat you and your family. And Indians.
  6. Buy gold and silver. Fiat currency will be worthless; ignore the fact that precious metals are also something we arbitrarily assign value to! Plus if you end up at a trading post, they may not take your CHIP card.
  7. Purchase seeds. If you want food, you're going to have to grow it. Also useful for bartering.
  8. Don't try to ford deep rivers with your car. Caulk it and float it!