I'm building a house in 5 days.

Because I'm the kind of person who takes off work to do more work.
  1. I'm a pretty good carpenter, but I'm not building this by myself. This is happening with Habitat for Humanity in Newburgh, where I used to work.
  2. Every other year we do a Builders Blitz, where have five days to build a house from the ground up. Two years ago we did two houses, but this year it's a mixed use commercial/residential so we scaled it back.
  3. The future owner is an immigrant from Mexico and will be able to open a photography studio downstairs while living upstairs. The whole first floor is done to commercial specs, and I'm really happy he'll have an opportunity to follow his passion. He's a total sweetheart and exactly the kind of guy you want in this program.
  4. I got there around noon Monday and there was good progress already. There was literally just a foundation here that morning.
  5. We worked until nightfall on the first day, but the framing is all done.
  6. And I wrangled us some beer from an awesome local brewery.
  7. I miss wearing a tool belt and this was a great opportunity to help out my community and swing a hammer again.
  8. And you always get some good snaps out of it
  9. Josh was an AmeriCorps member I hired that's now Junior Site Supervisor. We were up on the lift to install pump jacks for siding.
  10. Speaking of siding, I must have cut thousands of feet. We use Hardie Board, which is a cement based siding that looks great and holds up really well. We have to use it because of our location in a historic district.
  11. If you work in Newburgh long enough you have a lot of stories, and I think I told all mine last night after we closed up shop.
  12. Paint party! If that's your idea of a party. I hate painting.
  13. The interior was rocked by halfway through day 3.
  14. This was toward the end of day 3, and unfortunately I'm back to my real job today. I'll be going back after work when I can, and Saturday will be the dedication.