I've gotten hired at every job I've interviewed for*, so if things aren't working for you this may help you think differently.
  1. *Except for for one, Budget Analyst at the Massachusetts State a Senate Ways and Means Committee
    I'm not sure exactly why I didn't get that job, but I'm fairly certain it's because when they gave me a project to do after the first interview where I had to close a $10 million budget gap, I made across the board cuts. I now know this is called austerity and everyone hates it, but this was 2012 and before the term was getting thrown around. ANYWAY...
  2. Don't sit there like a fuckin statue
    You want to look like a human. If you want to look open and confident, think of what that person looks like. You can lean back a little, put your foot up on your knee, make it look like it's your office that they're in.
  3. They're going to know the script your college career counselor taught you to say for bullshit questions like "what's your greatest weakness". When they ask one of these bullshit questions, go meta.
    I literally have answered these by saying something like "so this is where I name something I wasn't good at, but can improve upon, and you nod and make a note and we move on". The bosses I got along with best, and managed the best, appreciated this frankness.
  4. Don't talk too much shit about the job you're trying to leave, but a little is okay.
    If they ask why you're leaving, be honest. Don't say some bullshit like you're looking to grow professionally. If the place is too small to get promoted, say that. If you don't like the micromanagement, say that. Don't say something like you think they're cooking the books and misusing federal funds.
  5. Don't let them treat you like a resume
    "So tell me about your job history". They already read it. Ask if there's anything that stuck out to them that they want to hear more about.
  6. Make them laugh
    This isn't possible for everyone, but if you can have a good time with them during this shitty process they'll like you. Think of some way to be charming and funny. Tell them it was either this interview or joining the circus when they ask why you want to work there.