I started writing for them a few months ago, primarily as a way to vent about Trump. It's proven to be a good outlet for that.
  1. I hate this picture of myself but it's the only picture I had that makes me look slightly intelligent. I recently switched it because I've realized I don't really care.
  2. I've written pieces on the Muslim ban, the Alt-Right, Trump leaving office, and things in between.
  3. Sometimes they're nice and put some cute images up. This is not a drawing of me- my nose isn't blue.
  4. I recently wrote a response to some woman from Red State complaining about my alma mater's policy regarding tolerance in language. I tried to get a response but they never got back to me. If you know anyone there, I'm sorry for you, but also can you tell them I'm looking to fight?
    @Nicholas didn't it suck going somewhere that treated disabilities as humans!?
  5. I'm not saying you have to read all my pieces, but I like sharing them. I could care less if they get popular, but it's been a good way for me to *~*~*express myself*~*~*~ without yelling at the TV.
  6. If you're interested, you're probably best off just going to my author page.
  7. I recently awoke from a Twitter slumber, so if you want to berate me, argue with me, or otherwise try to make me feel bad for being liberal, tweet me at @saswyryt