Ask and ye shall receive @Nicholas
  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar. I had a crush on her when I was in single digits and then I think seeing Cruel Intentions sent me into early puberty.
  2. My ex's grandmother. Always said I had the voice of an opera singer which was odd but endearing. Actually, all my Jewish ex's mothers and grandmothers were lovely and this may have something to do with it.
  3. Dorothy Parker, especially if she would edit my writing.
  4. Rashida Jones, although that maybe because I had a huge crush on this girl that owns a bike shop that looked like her.
  5. Lisa Edelstein. This started watching House and slightly diminished watching West Wing and realizing it was her in it. Not because she plays an escort, but the 90's aesthetic works for no one.
  6. Natalie Portman. I had such mixed feelings watching Jackie because I couldn't tell if the accent was helping or not.
  7. Alison Brie. This seems to be a universally accepted choice.
  8. Nigella Lawson, but I definitely make better carbonara than her (if anyone is aware of this scandal other than me).
  9. Julia Louis Dreyfus. Seinfeld-era? Not particularly, but she is so funny in Veep and has progressed from the weird mole lady 90's hair.
  10. Winona Ryder, because I think every girl I really had a thing for was trying to be her in Heathers.
  11. Bonus: about 300 girls I met at Emerson because there was one Jewish family in the town I grew up in and I didn't know anyone else's mothers guilted them so badly.