People That Can Legally Be in the Bathroom With Me, That I Want Legal Protection From

I've seen so much disgusting rhetoric surrounding bathroom rights, so let's take a walk down memory lane and see some of my favorite cases from anti-LGBT politicians.
  1. Larry Craig, that piece of shit REPUBLICAN SENATOR who had the "wide stance" scandal.
  2. Puerto Rican Senator Robert Aragno, anti-gay legislator who posted shirtless pics on Grindr
  3. NY Senator Carl Kruger, who voted against marriage equality and was then ousted as gay himself
  4. Edward Schrock, anti-LGBT congressman from Virginia who resigned after leaving voicemails on a gay sex hotline
  5. Troy King, Alabama attorney general who loved anti-LGBT rhetoric but was then caught in bed by his wife with his male assistant
  6. Ted Cruz, not involved in a scandal yet but pretty sure he's the Zodiac Killer and would try to touch my butt