Running List of Summer

Trying to remind myself that despite being busy I do manage to make some time for fun.
  1. Gardens. Check.
  2. Makeshift dining tables on old doors. Check.
  3. Giant goddamn Luna Moth.
  4. Went on a three-day kayaking trip with my COO, didn't get fired.
  5. Making sure Marlee looks cool in photos.
  6. Handsome new haircut on my favorite guy.
  7. Grew a beard, shaved it about two minutes after this photo.
  8. Tried and failed to see a supposed green flash of light occurring immediately st sunset. Still trying for this.
  9. Got a new place
  10. Fucking won
  11. The Internet
  12. For the first time since I met Jet he didn't try to eat me
  13. Innisfree Garden, most magical place in the world.