Shit Hemorrhage Ii: The Reckoning- Emerson College Logo Edition

  1. So Emerson, my alma mater, decided they need a new logo. That's fine, I wasn't particularly connected to this one.
  2. But then they said after design professionals and focus groups were involved they chose this. Cue a collective groan from everyone who ever went there.
  3. Social media related to Emerson goes Defcon III. We can not let this happen.
  4. I email a writer doing a story on it in the Boston Globe, a whole mess of my thoughts on it.
  5. And in a fortunate twist of fate, at least part of what I said got in the Boston Globe today.
  6. So, moral of this story- if you have a strong opinion, put it out there. The media can be your friend, and even if nothing changes I feel better knowing I made my voice heard.