So I've Been Building a House

Not by myself or for myself, but a close friend bought an old A-frame upstate and I've been putting on the old tool belt. Not as many photos as I wish I had, but I'm incredibly happy with it.
  1. This is the earliest photo I have of it.
    It was a fucking mess before. Two story A-frame built by someone who certainly was not a carpenter. Ended up tearing it all down to start again.
  2. Every thing going in is so nice.
    Details, details... but something like these doors which are reproductions of 60's-era models all count.
  3. It's incredibly liveable.
    The house isn't large but the main living space is open with a high ceiling.
  4. The ship prow roof was a pain to get fascia onto, but it makes the front of the house.
    Framers not paying attention means variances all over the goddamn place.
  5. All utilities were done without subs, other than HVAC.
    Plumbing, electrical, and gas were all installed. Simpler than it sounds if you have mechanical aptitude.
  6. Pine shiplap with an ebony stain brings the hygge.
    The house should blend right into the woods when there are leaves on the trees.
  7. Hello, sheetrock.
    Last time I went over, everything was rocked and taped. Crazy to see the interior coming together. Even in a gloomy day it was relatively bright.
  8. Next up is flooring, interior trim, and built-in shelving around the stairwell.
  9. And a built in bookshelf in this wall!
  10. I love the way the siding came out, and while it's not for everyone I really enjoy the dark colors. Little things like the nautical lamps give it a lot of character where it's least expected.
  11. This front yard will be getting another deck, with a lot of plants surrounding it.
    The back will be a bigger project, waiting to see if we can get the property next door.
  12. Everything should be done by this fall. It's been amazing to see how connected to a house you are when you're a part of the design and construction.
    I'd recommend it to anyone with the time and the back for it.