Steve Bannon's Fashion Tips

Haute Couture from America's #1 whiskey-soaked, pigfucking racist.
  1. Trying to go casual, but don't want to look too relaxed? Try a rumpled dress shirt and shorts from Sears.
  2. If your hair is turning grey, don't dye it. Grow it long to trick people into think you're a Ben Franklin Impersonator, and a True American.
  3. Headsets make you look important. Are you a football coach? An air traffic controller? Maybe a telemarketer? No one will know for sure, but you'll definitely seem like you know what you're doing.
  4. Make sure that you develop alcoholism to get the loose skin and broken capillaries that only come from throwing up rotgut booze all night. It shows that you're emotionally stable.
  5. Moto jackets with diagonal map pockets let ladies know you have a hog, and maybe they can go for a ride if they'll sign this NDA.