Summer Reading

I bought roughly 14,372 books in the past few months. Updating this as I go with a brief yay or nay.
  1. Shadow Dancing in the USA
    This was a bit of a slog. I really liked the essays on love/relationships and I think they should be required reading, but a 70+ page essay on Voodoo as the roots of rock music was in need of a good edit.
  2. Organ Grinder
    My friend Alan wrote this, and I got it after seeing him do a reading at The Half King. Interesting way to learn about Alan and a lot of references to Greek classics. A bit mired in trying to acknowledge faults while he writes without necessarily grasping the larger picture, but I think this is a generational difference in ways of thinking.
  3. Imperium
    Just fucking read this right now. Such a breath of fresh air to have some really good fiction, and there's a chapter in here that is perfect. I was upset when it was done. I want to read more by this author, who's been compared to a German-language Bret Easton Ellis, but it's a case of finding translations.
  4. My Misspent Youth
    Another book of essays that started off strong and then sort of lost me and picked me up again at the end. "Carpet is Mungers" is a perfect essay and really captures how much I hate carpet.
  5. But What If We're Wrong?
    Just finished this one up. If you like Klosterman and don't mind leaving some skepticism at the door, you'll enjoy this. A lot of interesting theories as to what the future will look like, by acknowledging that we've been incorrect about a lot before and that we also can't account for larger societal attitudes towards culture that may make some artifacts from our time more or less appreciated.
  6. The Bell Jar
    I wish I had read this back when I was a college gal. But really, this was a fantastic piece and I saw a lot of her symptoms align with those of people I know in real life experiencing some of the same things. Nice to find out some more about her rather than deciphering poems, and I now have a huge crush on a dead woman.