7 isn't enough. Please add so we can adjust for inflation. These can be as personal or non-specific as you would like.
  1. Pharmacies, when you're sick and just want to get your prescription and go home.
    The sicker you feel, the harder it will be for them to straighten your insurance out.
  2. Public transit while someone is eating any sort of food
    Why does it always smell like hot garbage? Always.
  3. Anywhere, trying to buy an air conditioning unit after a hot weekend.
    You will go to six stores that are sold out despite what their online stock says. You will travel many miles, and end up back at a store near your home that decided they found 174 in the back. Wondering how I know it's 174? Because that's what Lowe's said when I called them back.
  4. Walmart, at any time, but especially at night.
    I just needed an extension cord and now need an extension cord AND I want to kill my self.
  5. Sports bars/most bars with televisions
    Go team! Sike I don't give a shit. This beer sucks.
  6. Store dressing rooms.
    Oh my god what have I eaten how do people look at me in public please tell me it's the harsh lighting.
  7. the coffee machine at work
    whether it's a Keurig or fancy thingamajig it's a pit stop for forced conversation or a mini existential crisis. "good morning, oh man it's only Wednesday!" is said for the fifth time as you then stare at the comic taped to the fridge making a joke about leaving food in it over the weekend. it's not even funny and there there are no puns. the internal monologue starting with "what am I doing with my life?" begins and it's only 9:08 AM.
    Suggested by @ldefeo
  8. That one subway car
    Very packed. AC is of course broken. Homeless man occupying the corner and his stench is permeating the rest of the car. The car then stops underground due to "train traffic".
    Suggested by @chelb
  9. Other people's lunch in general, why does it always smell so gross?
    Suggested by @mmthompson
  10. Spending hours in emergency after you've broken your arm and doing it again in a different hospital in another city after a 3 hr bus ride in a country that supposedly has good health care. 😷
    Suggested by @solitarygigi
  11. TSA lines
    Must I elaborate?
    Suggested by @julieann718
  12. Being super hungry and having to decide with a group of friends where to eat.
    Bonus points for every person who "doesn't care."
    Suggested by @wilsonsh6
  13. Packed elevators that stop at every floor on the way down
    And someone always smells/has hot breath
    Suggested by @amandajane
  14. a grocery store parking lot on a Sunday
    kids running, parents blindly pushing carts without looking, always someone trying to back out at the same time as you, always a dog stuck in a hot car barking incessantly, the list goes on
    Suggested by @bribacc
  15. High school forever
    Your final presentation that you've been slaving away at for a month - the one that's worth 25% of your grade - just got deleted and you have class in five minutes
    Suggested by @le_d
  16. Being cornered at a party by someone who wants to tell you how The Secret will change your life.
    Suggested by @kamina
  17. Crying baby seated behind you on a five hour flight. With no alcohol on board!
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu