I'm guilty of some of these on occasion, but I'm perfect the other 99% of the time.
  1. Roommates
    You picked them, didn't you? Roommates are never perfect. Learn to live with them, and don't get pissed off about minute details. You think the place needs to get swept? Pick up a broom. It takes ten minutes, and you don't have to involve anyone.
  2. Jobs
    Who really loves their jobs? Even those of us that like them would rather be elsewhere. You aren't Chris from Parks and Rec. You have to work to have money to enjoy the rest of life. Do your job, do it well, and look at what problems you may be the cause of. My friend who always complains about his coworkers and bosses is lazy, always stoned, and thinks everyone needs to show him respect even though he's the lowest employee. If it smells like shit everywhere you go, check YOUR shoe.
  3. Money
    No one has enough of this, but a lot of people that tend to say they have no money somehow have enough to go shopping every week and spend $100 at the bar every Friday. I'm not telling you how to live, but you probably don't need all that shit you're buying.
  4. Weather/temperature
    You will never be able to control the weather by complaining. You can, however, control how the weather feels by changing what you wear. If you're too cold, put a sweater on. If you're hot, take it off. My office has two opinions on the thermostat for every one person who works here.