guilt is a real thing
  1. Babu Ji
    One of my best friends asked if I wanted to go tonight. After pledging to myself that I would go to Bikram every night this week, I decided the right thing to do is to suffer in a 110 degree room for 1.5 hours instead of getting down with some tandoori. I deserve a damn gold medal for that. You don't know how much I love tandoori.
  2. Mission Cantina
    This Mission Chinese spin off has a bomb burrito. All 5lbs of it. It's located dangerously close to the yoga studio. So close in fact, when they crack the window to let cool air in, I can basically taste it. Worth noting, teachers frown upon you leaving in the middle of class to get a burrito. Also worth noting, all the vegans will judge you for even talking about a burrito.
  3. Supper
    I eat here at least 4 nights a week. Fo real. Their chicken parm is the real deal. It's not on the menu, but they will make it for you if you ask nicely. Tell Davide I say hello - just don't embarrass me, ok?
  4. Ivan Ramen
    I dream about this spicy red chili ramen. And that dope mushroom casino app they have. And the yuzu lemonade. Ugh.
  5. Ok. Time for class.