Nothing like predicting your year after a fourth of it has passed. Oh well!
  1. Weddings I'll avoid attending: 2
  2. (New) states I will visit: 5
  3. Times I will use my passport: 3
  4. Flights I'll be on: 10
  5. Relationships close to me that will end: 3
    But really hoping for know who you are
  6. Jobs I'll apply to: 57
    God only knows
  7. Jobs I'll get: 2ish
    Looking at you Guglhupf of Durham NC, part time bakery love
  8. Movies I'll see in theaters: 12
    But 80% in the last 3 months of the year
  9. Books I'll read: 24
    Audiobooks count, right??
  10. TV shows I'll binge watch: 15
  11. TV shows I'll actually binge watch, if I'm predicting honestly: 30?
    A mix of old and new, watching for the first time and rewatching for the 7th. TV IS LIFE.
  12. Weeks I'll spend lounging on my brother's couch in London having no care in the world: 6
  13. Time I'll spend mourning the life in Helena I'm leaving behind: all year long
  14. Time I'll spend anxious for new beginnings: all year long
  15. Let's (keep) do(ing) it, 2016!