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  1. Meme (same)
  2. Parapluie (umbrella)
  3. Abeille (bee)
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  1. That guy with two suitcases he's claiming are both carry-on
  2. The woman hogging the bar with a runny nose who keeps sucking it up instead of blowing her nose. Gross. You're not 4.
  3. That guy at security who has to be told 7 times to empty EVERYTHING out of his pockets
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  1. High tea
  2. Bike tour
  3. Spot a Royal
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  1. The Clasp: A Novel by Sloane Crosley
  2. Did You Ever Have A Family by Bill Clegg
  3. Tales From The Back Row: An Outsider's View From Inside The Fashion Industry by Amy Odell
22 more...
  1. Getting new Epi-Pens for my son now that all the Auvi-Qs have been recalled
  2. Buying a blonde wig for my Halloween costume (Hilary, my son is Trump)
  3. Putting away summer clothes and shoes
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  1. Rides a motorcycle
  2. Crashes through something glass
  3. Dodges a helicopter
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