Looking around your space, realizing you have too much - consign your items to cash in, reduce cutter and move it forward.
  1. Furniture (think chair, not couch!)
  2. Clothes (only items with best brands)
  3. Art (if you don't swoon over a piece, love it)
  4. Jewelry (keep what you wear. that's it)
  5. Shoes (quick before they go out of style)
  6. Carpets (nothing clutters like too many rugs, scale back)
  7. Coats (each season, 2 good coats is more than enough)
  8. Toys - (sporting equipment, athletic equipment, ski equipment)
  9. Coffee table books, lamps and accessories - wedding presents ... Recycle Waterford!
  10. Bags, purses, luggage - keep only 1.