1. I matched with a guy on tinder three days before he died. I remember being really excitable when we matched (which I never really am) and wanting to play it cool because I figured I had all of the time in the world to talk to him, until I didn't. it changed my perspective on way more than I can write in this little text box.
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    bonus points: just found a draft list I wrote about it.
  2. I went to Cabo with @Debby. it was the first time since I moved to LA I took time off of work to do something for myself that wasn't based around family, and it was super liberating and just an incredible, unforgettable experience which reminded me how important self care is.
  3. my grandfather died. if you're a Beta List App user, you probably know this one well. my grandfather was my hero and I watched him deteriorate for a few years until I quite literally watched (and held him) while he died.
  4. I quit my job. after being unhappy, after knowing I deserved more, after demanding more and not getting it, I quit my job.
  5. I was immediately offered another job. I had been afraid to quit for so long because I was unsure of what to do next but I immediately, without looking, was offered something else, which was the first in a few steps of me realizing how valuable I am.
  6. I've been able to mentor young women around the world about careers in the music industry. which is really amazing and humbling, and forces me to recognize myself as successful in my field.
  7. I made my first (and second and third) international business trip(s) and spent a month (collectively) Europe. I've always wanted to spend a significant amount of time in Europe and 2015 was the first of many years that I was able to do it.
  8. I narrowly missed the terrorist attacks on London. by like. seven hours, two trains and a "nah, we shouldn't go to that show, we should just go straight to Rome."