around the world in 37 days.

quite literally.
  1. July 18: flew from New York to Los Angeles.
    after doing Fallon, a Vevo event and a Z100 show
  2. July 22: flew to Seoul, South Korea.
    for a festival. been craving Korean BBQ ever since.
  3. July 23: flew to Tokyo, Japan.
    for another festival. and for sushi. I had always wanted to go to Japan and being there was a dream come true.
  4. July 26: flew to Christchurch, New Zealand.
    to start our NZ/Australia tour.
  5. July 29: flew to Auckland, New Zealand.
    for two shows!
  6. August 01: flew to Sydney, Australia.
  7. August 04: travelled to Canberra.
  8. August 05: flew to Brisbane.
    where I went to a koala sanctuary and hugged Rodney the koala.
  9. August 07: traveled to Woollongong.
    where my friend brought me a puppy and we immediately became best friends. I miss this dog.
  10. August 08: flew to Melbourne.
    where we threw an epic, gay dance party to celebrate the anniversary of troye's coming out.
  11. August 10: flew to Adelaide.
  12. August 12: flew to Perth.
    for our last Australian show the next day.
  13. August 14: flew to London (by way of Dubai).
    explored the city with the incredible man who flew across an ocean to bridge the distance while I'm on tour.
  14. August 17 + 18: took a train between London & Paris (and back to London).
    went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. explored. ate incredible French food. went to the louvre.
  15. August 24: flew to New York.
    landed back at JFK after 34 days out of America.
  16. // what an amazing five weeks it has been, but oh am I so happy to be back in the United States.