Jimmy Iovine's statement about women not being good at finding music because we are "distracted" by men just sent me into a massive Twitter rant that amused @Debby enough to request this list. here are some shitty things I have endured as a woman in music.
  1. rant intro, part 1:
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  7. so without any further ado...
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  8. I have been offered a job and then was immediately told by the person who offered the job that he wanted to have sex with me.
    I literally had to turn down a dream job because the very married man who offered it to me propositioned me for sex. "unrelated."
  9. I've watched male coworkers talk about female interns and new hires like they're pieces of meat.
    women are distracted by men? put a pretty new female intern in the mail room at any music company and wait five fucking minutes.
    hi, I'm the tour manager. every person who has a laminate or pass in this building was physically given that to them BY ME.
  11. I have had a job offer taken away after the person who offered it found out I was dating someone.
    offered a tour six years ago. casually mentioned "my boyfriend," and the next thing I knew, they were taking someone else.
  12. I did both mine and my male coworker's job while he was making $22k a year more than I was, sitting in his office watching tv, taking credit for my work.
  13. I've been asked if I'm a girlfriend or a groupie at nearly every show by MEN WHO WORK IN THE INDUSTRY when I'm managing or tour managing. simply because I'm standing next to a male client.
  14. being judged for when I don't wear makeup and/or dress up for work.
  15. being judged for when I do wear makeup and/or dress up.
  16. I've been demeaned COUNTLESS TIMES by men on the road for COUNTLESS REASONS, all boiling down to me being young and a woman.
  17. I've been called a bitch about a million times.
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    this one just makes me laugh. especially when people say it in front of my client(s) as if they don't know that I need to be demanding to get them what they need.
  18. when arguing with a promoter recently over an issue with a show advance, he asked me if I had ever advanced an arena show before. 😑
    somehow, my response was calm as can be and was just "yes I have, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop condescending me."
  19. my thoughts in meetings and in emails have been ignored only for a man to repeat them and magically be heard.
  20. I have had credit for my work stolen by countless men. have done full projects and power points only for my male superior to be the one to present it (and then need to correct him as he fumbled through the presentation).
  21. I was standing outside of my artists tour bus a few weeks ago waiting for his agent and had a woman in her late thirties/early forties yell at me "I've been there before, waiting outside of tour buses"
    yes, the stern look on my face and the walkie hanging off my shirt clearly imply that I am waiting outside to get fucked.
  22. feeling like you don't have the right to speak up. like in general. trying to speak up and having a man talk right over me. CONSTANTLY.
  23. my starting salaries have always been less than those of my male counterparts.
  24. had someone I worked for (for almost four years) introduce me as "she does publicity" when I did day to day management AND social media AND touring AND, oh yeah, some PR.
  25. being asked by my boss to do personal shit. as a day to day manager. when no other day to day manager at the company was being asked to do personal shit. you know, since we're not personal assistants.
  26. had a boss refuse to let me go to a clients house (after the client had requested I go over) because he didn't want me to be friends with her.
  27. note: I've done a variety of jobs in this industry, often better than my male counterparts, but they're always given more credit & more money.
  28. ... I can honestly go on forever. I've been doing this for 10 years and being a woman in music is such a challenge already. people like Jimmy Iovine who EMPLOY WOMEN, openly saying that they think men are better because women are DISTRACTED BY MEN is such a pile of bullshit.
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