because I have a lot of actual feelings that I want to post about but this seems like a better thing to post after not being on here in two months.
  1. i hate u, I love u - gnash.
    dear god we have all experienced something like this. it is beautiful and painful and I listen to it on repeat for literal hours.
  2. all in my head (flex) - fifth harmony.
    fifth harmony is so good. we blast this one in the dressing room pre show to get excited.
  3. be the one - dua lipa.
    dua lipa is opening for half of our fall tour and I'm really stoked. this song is also a kick in the heart.
  4. wild - troye sivan ft. alessia cara.
    yung alessia is such a queen and she gives one of her best vocal performances ever on this song. plus the lyrics in her verse are 💯👌🏼.
  5. boyz n poizn- phoebe ryan.
    the queen does it again. one of my favorite lyricists right now because v relatable.
  6. ole - john newman.
    so different. so fun.
  7. hurts so good / paper thin / jump - astrid s.
    another yung queen. relatable songs. amazing voice. stellar live. she opened for Troye on our European tour earlier this year and is opening half of our upcoming US tour.
  8. don't let me down - the chainsmokers ft. daya.
    don't know why, just super obsessed with this one.
  9. heathens - twentyonepilots.
    such a jam.
  10. thinkin bout you - frank ocean.
    okay this one isn't new but until he releases a new album, I'll keep listening to channel orange and nostalgia ultra, thank you very much.
  11. cake by the ocean - dnce.
    I have no idea why I like this song. it's so bad but it's so good.
  12. overwhelming - jon bellion.
    this one reminds me of driving up mullholland drive with @Debby a few months ago with her singing it to me while I listened to it for the first time, and that memory makes me happy.
  13. // update as of august 26th
  14. closer - the chainsmokers featuring halsey.
    holy shit this song is so good. I think I'd be okay if this is the last song I ever heard.