1. i'm a little drunk.
  2. I am so ready to go back to LA.
    ten days straight with family under really hard times has worn me down completely.
  3. I am unsure if I should leave my family. as ready as I am to go,
    part of me feels extremely guilty that I'm about to fly 2500 miles away.
  4. I feel like no one appreciated my last Instagram post.
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    which makes me sad because it's really fucking good
  5. I miss my friends.
    being in Miami is hard because I only have a few friends left down here and I just really need my LA friends right now.
  6. I am currently somewhere between the "depression," "anger," and "denial" steps of the grieving process.
  7. I just watched the movie "This Is Where I Leave You."
    the movie was good but the book was significantly better. I probably shouldn't have watched it given the week I had, but I enjoyed it and I cried a bunch and now I want to date Ben Schwartz because he is a babe. those last two points are unrelated.
  8. there is no way that this list is as good as I think it is, but i'm going to post it anyway.
  9. I just got an email. it's 3 in the fucking morning. times like these make me hate what I do for a living.
  10. how many nights have I spent in my LA bed in the last two months?
    I feel like it's somewhere around ten. that is not a lot of nights.
  11. i have spent a lot of time traveling recently.
  12. my dogs are taking up my entire bed. where am i supposed to sleep?
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  13. Bill Nye the Science Guy being on Netflix makes me happy.
  14. oh my god this show is so great.
  15. graphics from the 90's were so bad
  16. I was so happy when my teachers let us watch this show in elementary school.
  17. this show is amazing.
  18. I am going to watch all 100 of these.
  19. I should go to sleep.
  20. I should probably not post this.
  21. I am definitely going to post this.