favourite things about debby.

because someone requested this and I can always use an excuse to talk about how much I love my best friend. cc @Debby
  1. she makes me laugh, and we laugh together a lot. like, a lot a lot.
  2. we also cry a lot.
    it's so important to have someone to feel okay being emotional around, and it always feels safe to cry (or just generally be an absolute train wreck) with her.
  3. we spend hours together where we're talking but we also spend hours together where we're virtually silent and we are always happy and comfortable both ways.
    it's so important to be able to do nothing with your best friend.
  4. she has this uncanny way of knowing when I need her and knowing what I need from her.
    and since we're both terrible at imposing on others, she understands when "I'm fine either way" and "I'll be okay" means something else.
  5. she will always eat sushi with me. always.
    like we could have sushi for lunch and I can text her and ask if she wants sushi for dinner and she'll say yes. isn't that all you can ask for in a friend?
  6. she knows how (and when) to put me in my place.
  7. she always sends me the best random snaps + texts + Instagram tags of something funny or powerful or adorable or just something to say hello. always makes me smile.
  8. we tend to be inseparable. for example, we once took an impromptu vacation together, stayed in a house with multiple open bedrooms, and still stayed in the same room. it's good to have someone who needs you just as much as you need them.
  9. she's the first friend I had that made LA feel like home.
  10. she puts up with me, even when I abandon LA (read: her) for months at a time.
  11. she will go above and beyond to make me smile when I'm sad, and to always make me feel less alone.
  12. she cooks for me.
  13. singing in cars together >>>>
    see: me rapping to The Gorillaz and Debby hysterically laughing.
  14. also she's like, the prettiest girl in the whole wide world 😍😍😍
  15. ... honestly, she makes my world such a better place and she makes living in Los Angeles bearable. she makes being alive bearable.