1. we make time for the things & people that are important to us.
    lately I realized that 95% of the time if I say I'm too busy for something, it's really just that I don't want to do it. if I keep pushing off plans with a person, it's because I really don't want to see them.
  2. the people who care about you will want what's best for you, even if it's not what's best for them. make your life decisions from your logic and from your heart, not out of the fear of how someone else is going to react to it.
  3. let go of the things and people that weigh you down.
    recently I cut ties completely with someone who, until a few months before that point, I would consider to be one of my closest friends. but I came to find that he was being hurtful and manipulative and no matter how much I loved my friend, I love myself more. I needed to let go and honestly, I've never felt lighter.
  4. all you really need are a few good friends.
    I think we all used to believe that being popular or having a lot of friends was important. quality over quantity. you can only give so much of yourself and you can only receive so much from others so choose who you give your energy to wisely.
  5. it's better to be by yourself than be surrounded by people who are no good for you.
  6. some people in this world are evil beyond any comprehension and being a good person makes it hard to come to terms with other people's evil.
  7. it's okay to be scared. it's okay to be sad. let it overwhelm you or consume you and then wake up the next day and try to move past it. if you can't, rinse and repeat until you can. moving on from feelings, fears, and emotions takes time.
  8. sometimes you make mistakes and in the terrible instance where those mistakes affect others, you need to apologize and move on and hope that the other person understands and forgives you, but ultimately, you can't let what other people think of you weigh you down. if you're sincerely sorry, hopefully they grow to forgive you, but you can't force it
    I'm still sorry. and I still hope that one day you can forgive me. and I still think about it more than I should. sometimes I wonder if you'd forgive me if you knew how much this whole thing bothers me.
  9. never put your drink down at a club or a bar.
    this may seem like an obvious lesson, but sometimes we get careless and forget that bad people exist and end up getting drugged at a club and spending the next few days thanking a god you're not sure you believe in that you somehow understood the way you felt enough to get yourself home safely. not everyone is as lucky as I was.
  10. in most cases: it's never too late to start over.
    I've had personal and a professional relationships that have recently seemed beyond repair. I lost hope. I felt sad. I thrashed around emotionally trying to figure both of them out. but ultimately every day is a new beginning if you let it be and if you take time to put your pride aside, you have a good chance of finding a way to start again.
  11. forgive yourself.
    quit beating yourself up. just learn from your mistakes and give yourself credit for being human.
  12. don't just be kind to others, be kind to yourself.
    you deserve it more than you think that you do.
  13. don't feel guilty making time for yourself or saying no to plans.
    too many people I know run themselves ragged because they don't want to upset people by canceling plans, but you can't be what other people need you to be if you're not taking care of yourself first.
  14. you're not trapped. in your apartment, in your job, in your relationship, in the city you live in, in anything. you are in control of your life. never forget that.
  15. some days, it's impossible to do everything you need to do. just do your best and know that tomorrow is a new day and you can try again.
  16. it never gets easier living far away from your family. in fact, it gets harder.
    I think that when I moved to LA that I thought that my biggest struggle would be finding success. success has come to me in a way that I'm happy with. being far away from my family is this never ending, numbing pain. you miss births. you miss deaths (or you take last minute red eyes to just barely avoid them). you miss so much. people don't realize the sacrifice they make living so far and people with families who live close don't realize how lucky they are.
  17. a little kindness goes a long way.